lost wax casting foundries

lost wax casting foundries

The company has a highly qualified Italian production MICROFOND BRESCIA, who for years has been operating successfully in the field of precision casting based on the technique of lost wax casting and Metal Injection Moulding (M).

The application in industrial forms and the process of continuous updating make lost wax casting and M.I. M. optimal solutions to complete in a single piece of assemblies consisting of several components, reducing the production phases and thus avoiding the costs and difficulties of Assembly.
Those procedures allow a considerable reduction of production times for the benefit of the costs.

The ability to produce complex geometric shapes make them most suitable for production processes where the product particular characteristics such as unions, intersections, ribs and grooves not achievable with other processes, thus eliminating the problems that can arise when assembling multiple items obtained with classical mechanical processing.

There is also the greatest flexibility in the use of all those special materials that improve product quality and workability is difficult or sometimes impossible: in particular lost wax casting is crucial in the treatment of many metal alloys-alloy and stainless steel, nickel, etc.-in order to obtain the highest quality output, without flaws or irregularities and without wasting expensive material.

MICROFOND BRESCIANA, through the application of advanced techniques, you can better address each request and solve even the most complex problems in an optimal way, always providing the best quality and highest reliability. Our technicians are at your complete disposal of construction needs and will be able to direct customers to the choice of appropriate technology including lost wax casting and M